Why Fine Art Photography?

Fine art photography tends to be emotional and focused on composition and story telling using the subjects, surroundings, and the qualities of light. Fine art photography focuses on quality over quantity in that we are looking for exceptional photos as opposed to a large volume of mediocre photos. In choosing a fine art photography style, the end result appears more like a gallery of fine art moments as opposed to a literal recording of an event or series of events.

Where are you based?

I live in northern Italy, in the stunning Verona, I shoot weddings and events anywhere in the world, but I work most often in Europe and North America.
Depending upon the details of your event and location, you may have additional travel expenses. Please be sure to include your location and all the details in your inquiry.

Do you offer prints and albums?

I offer one single type of album designed by myself. My albums are one by oneprinted in Italy on Canson fine art paper and created by hand by artisan craftsmen.

Do you edit the photos?

I correct exposure and colors for all photos. Photos selected for print go through more retouching and post production. I just do some color correction with Adobe Lightroom to create the perfect esthetic that i want in my photos.

How can we book your service?

– Contact me to check date/location availability
– Discuss, in person or virtually, the specifics of your needs and which services are right for you
– Sign the agreement and complete your deposit (usually 50%) or take advantage of a 5% discount when you pay in full at signing.
– Date is confirmed upon completion of contract and deposit
– Pay your final installment just before the wedding, or in the days prior