Why Fine Art Photography?

Fine art photography is emotional and focused on composition and story telling using the subjects, surroundings, and the qualities of light. The focus is on quality over quantity and I am looking for exceptional photos as opposed to a large volume of mediocre photos. The end result is like a gallery of fine art moments as instead of a simple and literal recording of your event.

Do you offer prints and albums?

I offer printing options including a fine art album and a boxed loose leaf collection. Each Fine Art album we create is a personal artisan masterpiece, hand crafted in Italy, and features a carefully edited selection of photos to give you a luxurious and emotional experience to enjoy and share.

Will the photos be edited?

All delivered photos are carefully selected and then reviewed in a post production process that varies depending on the creative results desired for each photo. Photos selected for print go through another specific round of  retouching and post production intended for best printing results. I do sometimes correct obvious blemishes and sometimes soften distracting details but in general I appreciate and preserve the authentic beauty of my subjects.