Dear future newlyweds,

If you consider yourself creative and emotional people, I believe that you’ll appreciate the feeling of luxury, elegance, thoughtful composition, and the use of raw emotions that defines my work.

My style is not for everyone. I’m not the kind of photographer who passively captures beautiful moments as they occur hoping for a good shot. I use your emotion, your venue, the textures and the light around you as my medium and I create. I’m passionate about being at the right place at the right time, capturing a mood and a moment that will last a lifetime. There is a real magic at the crossroad between emotional expression and skillful composition, and this is where I love to work.

I’ve been honored to be featured in several important publications like Vogue and Style Me Pretty and as a professional photographer, I am also a member of some of the most important associations such like Junebug Weddings, who have featured me as one of the 10 best wedding photographers in Italy using these words to describe my work:

“Francesco Bognin has mastered the art of telling beautiful stories with his lens on your wedding day; he views life through the eye of an artist and uses this quality to capture your day elegantly and naturally – respecting and capturing the features that make your special day unique. His elegant, phenomenal portfolio is comprised of brilliant fine-art and photojournalistic images that will truly stand the test of time. As a gentleman and true professional, Francesco Bognin will make the entire experience a breeze as he creates his one-of-a-kind imagery.”

Please take a moment to browse my portfolio which includes some of my favorite photos. As you enjoy them, I invite you to pay special attention to the use of natural light, composition, symmetry, the thoughtful use of black and white and, most importantly, the emotion that can be found throughout.

Congratulations on your coming marriage, and I hope to be there to capture every beautiful moment.